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IP-Atlas version 0.8 -=----=- Description ----------- This script uses NetGeo to plot a host on the globe. Requirements ------------ PHP 4 and GD (Optional). The GD library is available at and PHP is at Installation ------------ Put these files somewhere on your webserver, and point your browser to plot.php If you have any problems running it, send an email to Configuration ------------- All options can be edited in Contributions ------------- Thanks to Sten Kalenda ( for adding security features and cleaning up the code. Thanks to Armin Kunaschik ( for his proxy patch that enables this program to run behind a firewall. Thanks to Daniel Quinlan ( for a patch that fixes many problems on windows. Also thanks to many users for reporting bugs. Copyright --------- IP-Atlas is Copyright (c) 2002 Ivan Kozik, and can be redistributed under the GPL.
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